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About Me

My passion for photography started at a young age.  By 1995, I was shooting with my first 35mm SLR.  I still pick up my camera with the same joy and excitement, eager to find what beauty the world will show me.  I love capturing moments to preserve life long memories.  In my free time I take my family to the woods for adventure, read a book, garden, and tend to my fish tanks.  

My Style

I take an organic approach to my photography.  I like to let moments unfold naturally in order to catch the true emotions of life.  Some call this "Lifestyle" or "Documentary" photography, but I don't care for labels and cliches.   

When it comes to weddings, I most definitely document the day, and tell the story through photos.   What I love, is catching those moments of sheer joy when no one thinks i'm looking.  

My approach to family sessions, especially with little ones, is to allow our time to simply unfold.  Let's go to the park, the zoo, your backyard, their room... Let them play and just BE.  This is where their joy and wonder shine.  And if they don't always smile?  Great!  Let me catch that look you give mom... every single day.